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Obsolecence supply

Why is obsolescence care something important?

Simply because capital goods with long life cycles can become really complicated and expensive after a few years.

Equipment and systems with a life cycle of 10 years and more make obsolescence care costly

The Component Obsolescence Group Germany COG currently assumes that in the case of devices and systems with life cycles of more than ten years, up to 5o percent of total product life cycle costs are now directly or indirectly attributable to various forms of obsolescence.

Today, many components are no longer available after a very short time, sometimes even within one or two years - in the case of displays, this can happen even faster. Simple replacement is often not (any longer) possible, whether for technical or approval reasons - or the required part is simply "only" no longer available.

 special and high-quality displays are not a mass product - but should be available for many years    the components of the actual display matrix must also remain available for a long time

Here solution providers like us are in demand!

We offer special displays, assemblies materials and processes up to 20 years and longer.

 Reproduction with original materials is costly - but often the only possibility

   Obsolescence supply requires components and assemblies - re-use and re-cycling can help

To make this possible we use several ways like storing, rebuilding with original materials, own and foreign databases and also own re-designs, as well as re-use and re-cycling.



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