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Optical Measurement Services

Topcon BM-7 is very widely used and often serves as a reference   A sphere photo-spectrometer is also often called an integrating sphere

Using our own equipment, we also measure macroscopically and microscopically third-party products of our customers in order to qualify them and find unknown parameters. Among other things, viewing angle, brightness, reflection, transmission, polarisation, retardation, MURA, spectral resolution, gamut, CRI as well as combinations of optical values can be measured, resolved for example according to angle, area, temperature or humidity.

These services can be used on a B2B basis, either project-related or independently.

EZ Contrast - to measure luminance distribution resolved by viewing angle   MURA measuring instrument - a luminance camera for measuring luminous or illuminated surfaces

In addition, we use a wide range of microscopes and many other optical measuring and analysis devices.

The best way is to contact us and together we will try to realize the appropriate analysis or measurement for your current problem.


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