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The consultation is goal-oriented: Which processes or materials must be considered, evaluated or changed? What is important here is the holistic - the systemic - view. In the end, it is not a temporary but a permanently functional solution that is decisive.

Electronic displays and thus also technical light and its effect are often not only simply the communication interface between man and the digital world, but in very many cases also safety-relevant in the evaluation of critical, digitally generated or processed information. In the worst case, danger to life and limb can arise if the data displayed is interpreted incorrectly.

In addition to many other technical parameters, it is of decisive importance to know the optical characteristics of all functional materials used and to use them in a targeted manner.

By the way, systemic optimization in the direction of "total cost of ownership" can save money and time.

optical properties  01 pix

Such diagrams are called "polar plots" and show the intensity distribution of light over all viewing angles - clearly showing different characteristics, each of which is only optimal for very specific applications.



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