Dedicated Light Sources

multi spectral light sources for dedicated applications

We have developed our own plasma-based light source for this purpose. The intellectual property is offered under the name e³ (energy efficient excitation). e³ can be implemented for a wide variety of designs, dimensions and spectra.

The e³ plasma lamps are on a par with other light sources in terms of energy efficiency, longevity, CRI and colour fidelity. e³ lamps can be controlled and regulated electrically. The light colour can also be directly controlled. The VOC problem (volatile organic components) known from LED light sources does not occur with e³ lamps. They have a completely inorganic structure and are recyclable. e³ light sources can also withstand very high temperatures (over 300° C).

Our e³ technology is being continuously under research and in its latest development stage - which will hopefully be officially available this year - it will bring massive surprises, especially for applications that want to control and regulate as many lighting parameters as possible simultaneously and dynamically.

e³ light sources and e³ lamps are only offered B2B in dedicated projects.

Where there is much light there is also much shadow!   Really?

-plasma light has special properties and therefore does not bring the light as such nor the shadow, but the illuminated object into the most attractive and important position.

-plasma light sources can also be formed - but only with special machines.

e³ light sources can also be formed during production - with special machines - we offer 2D formingif the illuminated objects are to be in the foreground with lighting, the choice is simple...


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