As optical man-machine interfaces, embedded displays are essential parts of complex, integrable controls for a wide range of devices and applications. Therefore it is very important to choose the right display - in the right quality - for the future application already during the design of such embedded systems - there are many application profiles:

application profiles

Choosing the right display for this is not easy, because even if the "short spec" of different displays looks the same, the "egg-legendary wool-milk sow" does not exist in displays. Here are the "fingerprints" of different displays in different qualities whose "short spec" looks "the same":

TFT fingerprint

Here we see ourselves in the role of an Embedded Electronic Display Troubleshooter

We are a leading scientific service provider in the evaluation and upgrading of electronic displays, especially for integration into embedded systems.
We offer solutions from the correct dimensioning of the important parameters - for the selection or upgrading of the required display - to the analysis of problems with the display itself and/or the system integration up to troubleshooting - preferably for applications with capital goods, but also for consumer goods such as "white goods", but exclusively B2B.

So our customers are mostly value-added resellers, manufacturers of embedded electronic displays and systems, distributors and system integrators. We help you to fine-tune your product line and support you in offering your customers durable and high performance products.

For further information and technical advice on embedded displays please contact us now!


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