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Plasma Physics / Vacuum Technology


In the field of plasma physics, we offer
measuring techniques to examine special lamps
and other plasma-based functional elements
electrically and optically.
Thus, the examined materials or components
are put into a defined plasmatic state and
measured electrically respectively visually
depending on the requirements.
Again, we are in a position to implement the
theory practically for prototypes and serial
production in our own facilities as well as with
partners in the back end. 
  Atmospheric plasma does not require a vacuum and is often used for surface cleaning or activation 

Vacuum Technology

Are you looking for a service provider who
supports and advises you with a vacuum and
ultra-high vacuum system for new and further
developments, small series, plasma tests or
even coatings? You have found him! Pressure
ranges down to 10 mbar are possible in our
different sized chambers and superstructures.
We combine chemical and/or physical
procedures such as vaporizing, plasma etching,
cleaning and reactive mixing. Ask for our
individual offer!

  Special measuring device for testing and measuring plasma discharges and their properties 
 Plasma discharges under vacuum   To generate large "quantities" of high vacuum, diffusion pumps are used 




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