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Volumetric Display

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The volumetric display is a graphic display device that produces three-dimensional visual representation.
It helps pioneers to create 3D imagery through the scattering, emission, or transmitting the illumination to well-defined areas.
Volumetric 3D displays contain useful properties with a wide field of view.
These displays avoid accommodation and mismatches in order to provide high-resolution imagery and excel at various general visualisation tasks.

Volumetric Display Troubleshooters

At Wammes & Partner GmbH, we offer technological services to volumetric display manufacturers and providers that include technological consultation, feasibility studies, troubleshooting, bug-fixing, and R&D services. Our specialists are well-placed to help various potential users to streamline their processes in the field of electronic displays and technological lighting.

With over 20 years of industry experience, we are a well-known scientific service provider in the field of electronic devices and embedded systems. We understand, analyse, advise and implement necessary techniques to fix the fault or defects in your volumetric displays.

We provide valuable services to companies such as volumetric display manufacturers, value-added resellers, distributors, system integrators to extend their business growth. Our facilities can help volumetric display company to evolve into forwarding integration by combining better functionalities and offer complete, efficient systems to their customers. We pay attention to trouble generation areas and failures to fix the bugs for your business growth.

We continue to make strategic plans to become a recognised leader in delivering high-quality consultancy services in the field of electronic displays like volumetric display. The skills of our team figure out the bugs in volumetric displays and suggest accurate solutions to fix it for long-term benefits. Our main aim is to understand the applied physics in the electronic displays and perform research in the area of display and lighting technology.

If you’re facing any defects in your volumetric displays, then schedule a consultation with us today!
Full color realtime capable holographic display systems including software "Eco-System"




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