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From Obsolescence To New Edition
From Obsolescence To New Edition

„In response to popular demand, Wammes and partners offer a new version of their best-selling display products"

Electronic-Displays-Center Gundersheim, 01. June 2021. A display technology survivor from Wammes & Partner GmbH gives an encore: The I-SFT 100i.10X-XT, which was developed for use in extreme environments and extremely wide temperature application range more than 10 years ago, is now not only used for obsolescence issues, but also produced as a new edition. The reason for this is an increased demand both for spare parts and for new applications.

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The 100i.10X-XT is an enormously robust 10.4-inch open-frame display manufactured as of 2009 and used in critical conditions, for example, on oil platforms, in underground mining, at research sites and in sovereign services in 24/7 continuous operation. It features, among other things, full functionality and readability under massive vibrations of 3.5g @ 10-2000 Hz and 50g shock, respectively, as well as an extremely high operational temperature delta of -31 to 85 ° C - and that with an allowed storage temperature of below -45°C and a clear temp of above 115°C.

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Since the use of displays in such areas is not only subject to special conditions, but also to special approvals and specifications, the display classic was in demand anyway as a supply for system parts. What is new now, according to Klaus Wammes, managing director of Wammes und Partner GmbH, is that more and more requests for a new version are coming in. Wammes explains that devices such as the 100i.10X-XT are not only convincing because of their robustness, but also because their wide temperature range, for example, saves on other applications such as complex air-conditioning systems, thus making the system in general even more resistant and at the same time more compact. Wammes: "We are of course very pleased that one of our classics is still in demand after so many years and that we were even able to raise the Clear-Temp a little further in the new batch. It confirms the quality of our work when functionality is maintained under extreme conditions after all this time. At the same time, it is an accolade when a product from the class of electronic displays, in which there are approximately three to four generations per year today, is still state of the art after more than 10 years."

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