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Because here there is KnowHow in different "sorts" and "portions"!

The Wammes & Partner KnowHow-Shop - everything about electronic displays, display systems, their components, effects and characteristics, problems and their solutions, processes, basics and about technical light!

KnowHow as "packaged goods" does it work?

Granted, real KnowHow-Shops are not easy to find, but now you have done it - right?

Trainings, coaching, workshops, consulting, education and other kinds of KnowHow transfer are bound like school and university to people, who can provide KnowHow and knowledge and now KnowHow by online shop as "packaged goods"?

Yes and no - we have the following concept:

We break down KnowHow into different "concentrations" and "morsels" and prepare these morsels easily "digestible". And in addition we use the modern possibilities of communication from easily downloadable PDF and PPT files via telephone or video conferences and chats, or webinars prepared for special customers and/or key aspects or recorded "canned food" in the form of videos or even holograms.

Of course not everything can be done at once, but already at the start of our KnowHow-Shop we already have an amazing assortment of appetizers and menus "to go".

All our employees - and many of our partners - are currently expanding our product range on a daily basis with great personal commitment - and are also available to you directly by email, telephone or video chat.

So we offer additionally in our KnowHow-Shop also "real products" which you can grab.

But we are not just another "distributor" or "broker" here, but something completely different. We offer these products and "little helpers" rather than "help for self-help".

Fast access to important, poorly available, "sometimes quickly" needed "exotic" parts and components as well as additionally a wide range of materials, components and products for obsolescence care - up to "state of the art" solutions: directly applicable holographic 3D systems for "full-color" and "real-time" display, also for information and visualizations that can be distributed online. 
For all these products there are always real people to discuss relevant details and helpful tips.

Again, not everything is possible at once, which means that we do not have everything online at the start that is available in our - and our partner's - stock, so in case of doubt just send an email or give us a call.

And of course we are interested in your feedback, wishes and suggestions, especially if something on our shop does not yet work as desired or errors occur.

Now we wish you a lot of fun while browsing and hope for a positive experience and result at our "KnowHow-Shop"!



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