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Not yet Star Wars - but Holo!

Not yet Star Wars - but Holo!

Not yet Star Wars - but Holo

Wammes und Partner presents holographic solutions in real-time and colour for electronic displays

Wammes und Partner GmbH presents first holographic solutions that can implement real time, color and high resolution in electronic displays. This also applies to already existing volumetric data, which can now also be displayed holographically. Thus, the company headquarters in the Gundersheim Electronic Displays Center has developed a universally applicable technology for manufacturers of complex visualization systems.

The technology allows, for example, with a virtual image size of 1 x 0.75 m, a VoW (Virtual Observer Window) of approximately 45 degrees in all directions, using 0.5 mm Hogels (holographic optical element). With a resulting directional resolution of, for example, 128 rays/hogel and 60 fps (frames per second), the display thus operates in real time. With a basic physical size of 36 x 25 x 10 centimetres, a Gundersheim sample display calculates around 45 million light beams per second and thus displays, for example, real three-dimensional medical computer tomography data.

But: Managing Director Klaus Wammes emphasizes that he is not interested in a finished holographic display. "We do not offer a finished product that can be ordered from a catalogue by serial number. We offer the highly complex technology, the know-how, the possibility to realize such or comparable technical solutions. Because: This system can be used across the board for all applications and manufacturers according to a modular principle. However, these manufacturers must be able to produce their own equipment depending on the effort, interfaces or technical requirements.

Nevertheless, holography is no longer a vision of the future in the physical ivory towers, but is increasingly being used on a broad scale. Wammes cites the example of Big Data: "Data volumes are now too large to be easily and quickly checked, let alone validated. Holography creates a new approach here. Enormous amounts of data can be visualized in volumetric form and, depending on the form of representation, can be very quickly checked for plausibility or validated. Wammes: "At first, this is not as sexy as a holographic video conversation with Darth Vader, but at least as effective! According to the expert, the first application scenarios in medicine and geodesy are planned.



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