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Wammes und Partner GmbH presents a new
plasma based Anti Virus disinfector "P-Bod"

Precisely controllable atmospheric plasma generator with different applicators for the generation of adjustable amounts of high-energy micro- and nanoparticles, which are biocidal for small & smallest viruses and bacteria and thus have a disinfecting effect.

 P Bod 01

P Bod 02

P Bod 03

P Bod 04 


The different applicators allow the use in different devices for the desinfection of surfaces of any kind - quickly and effectively - also for air conditioners.

This technology requires only electrical energy - mains or battery operated - and air.

This technology can be scaled (almost) arbitrarily for the most different performance requirements classes and applications.

The possibility to set this atmospheric plasma generator for many parameters or to be able to regulate precisely , enables exact adjustment - e.g. by means of different software settings - for the respective target application or bacteria, spores or viruses to be combated.

Unintentional operating errors can be safely ruled out.

As a handy battery-operated device, a P-Bod can also be used for example lightweight in a handbag, for universal use on the road and anytime ready for action, take it everywhere.

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