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optical bonding 2

individual help and implementation for optical bonding for displays / embedded systems
Brief description
For our consulting articles we offer individual help and support - please give us a first description of your desired scope of services or the upcoming problem by phone or email.
We will coordinate the further procedure directly with you.
A possible project constellation includes the evaluation of different optical bonding processes as well as different material classes, including report
- effort not less than 4 man-days - an exact estimation will be made in the individual offer
Key aspects
  • optical bonding
  • bonding processes
  • trouble shooting
  • material science (which adhesive is compatible with which materials, etc...)
Overview technical focal points
Product benefits
  • Understand why the only one optical bonding does not exist, but many different processes which are only mentioned in the same way
  • quickly and understandably recognize possibilities and limits
  • fast and efficient access to specialized know-how, equipment and special adhesives
personal service, place of performance as agreed with the customer
Scope / Volume
scientific-technical transfer and consulting services as well as analyses in special, complex or extensive areas of focus that lead to new findings and results. The use of the required and already existing machines and equipment is included
- additionally required materials, external services and possibly arising expenses will be charged additionally
Results according to customer specifications, e.g. in electronic, printed, sketched or spoken form, also possible "hands-on" e.g. as direct assistance in the customer project/process
or preparation and set-up of suitable technical test regulations or test stations
Project duration /
Available Variants /
Place of performance in our company rooms,
at the customer, at third parties
ISO 9001 2015   |   terms
Special features
special types of contract such as extended rights of use, exclusivity etc. are possible
German, English
(other languages also possible)
File size
after consultation if required
Password security
after consultation if required
Format / Resolution
after consultation if required
Licenses of use
simple right of use of services and results based on our existing and newly arising rights within the scope of such a project
Request with description of the desired scope of services
Bidirectional NDA
NDA-Draft   |   conditions
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